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Finding the right balance through effective flowsheet design

The processing of gold is generally a well-understood, controllable, and highly profitable practice. However, in recent times, gold bearing ores are presenting new and unique challenges. Ores are more remote, of lower grade, and have challenging impurity contents that vary widely over the life of mine (LOM). Operations today require more capital intensive processes with larger operating budgets to extract the gold profitably. With the risk of commercial failure ever-present gold mines must expertly balance recovery, technical risk, reliability, and commercial benefit to ensure the nameplate production rate and profit margin is possible over the mine’s lifespan.

The Fundamentals of Responsible Gold Flowsheet Design  whitepaper walks through the key steps in selecting the process that's right for you including: 
  • Emerging challenges
  • Processing options and the benefits and limitations of each
  • Evaluation criteria and factors involved in economic success
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